Regulating online slots

  • Jul 22, 2021

Are online slots ( ) regulated? If yes, then who regulates them? The answers to these questions can be tricky. Some slots are indeed regulated by authorities like the U.K. Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. But what does this mean to a player from India? Read on this article.

Limitations of Licencing

While most world-class casinos are licenced, this means little to very many players. For example, if a casino is licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority, does it mean that Indian players are protected by that casino's rules and regulations? The answer is a clear NO. Continue reading this article please.

However, these rules will cover players from Malta in case of a loss or fraud. Therefore, it is unwise to assume that all licenced casinos benefit all the players. Nevertheless, these websites still offer several benefits to their players. For example, all the slots run fairly and transparently.

Random Number Generators

You would be surprised if we told you that online slots are run by virtual computers and not humans! Yes, that is a fact. Whenever you click the Spin button of a Starburst or Gonzo's Quest, you actually start a computer. This virtual device throws up completely random numbers and symbols.

Please note that these results are completely random and independent. Nobody can either predict or change these outcomes. What this means for you and other slot players is that online slots are fair and cannot be rigged. Of course, we are talking about slots of licenced gambling sites.

Luck and Strategy

Luck plays a very important role in gambling. The entire concept of online gambling rests on luck and randomness. You may be a top-notch player, but unless you have luck by your side, you can't win even the simplest slot. But luck alone doesn't matter in your online slot game.

You should also know how slots run, and what are Return to Player and Volatility. Knowing about these metrics can help you manage the luck factor. Most newbies don't know or even try to understand the meaning of slot RTP and volatility. That's why they continue losing their games.

How to win your slot?

Generally, video slots are more profitable than the classic ones. Start playing free games, then you can move on to laying small bets. Once you have developed enough confidence, you can then wager big amounts. Know your slot's RTP and volatlity to beat the house edge. Lastly, always gamble within your limits.

Are online slots regulated?